ITSPtec - ITSP VoIP Systems.

Turnkey VoIP systems - Multi-tenant Hosted PBX System, Residential VoIP System, Carrier/Wholesale VoIP System and Custom IVR Systems.
All systems include a mature and Feature-rich VoIP Billing System.
We also offer system APIs for integrating with existing infrastructure or legacy systems. You can also use the API to build your own customized GUI.

ITSP VoIP Software Solutions.

ITSPtec offers turnkey ITSP VoIP solutions.

ITSPtec provides VoIP software for ITSPs. We offer a turn-key system for ITSP's without the need of any third party system.

Our solutions are Multi-Tenant and come with a mature VoIP billing system, provisioning system, auto-configuration system and tons of features. Our systems can run any of the free most popular telephony engines(FreeSwitch, Yate and Asterisk) depending on client needs.

With the multi-Tenant PBX system, ITSP's can offer hosted PBX services, Carrier/wholesale services, Residential VoIP and Calling card services to their customers without any need for third party systems.

NEW We now offer a Multi-Tenant and Reseller HostedPBX system based on FreeSWITCH. View details »

Multi-Tenant PBX System

Full featured Multi-Tenant PBX system for service providers. Comes with tons of features with integrated billing included.

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Wholesale/Carrier System

Trucking/Routing/Billing and Provisioning system for service providers.

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Residential VoIP System

Provides residential VoIP.

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Calling card System

Postpaid, Prepaid and Pin less Callingcard system.

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VoIP Billing System

Mature and Feature rich VoIP billing system.

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IVR Systems

Custom IVR Systems.

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